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Two Genesis GV70 at rest

Why Are More People Gravitating toward the Electric Vehicle Segment of the Automotive Industry? 

What Are the Advantages of Buying an Electric Vehicle? 

If you have been following the trends of the automotive industry closely, you’d know by now that electric vehicles have caused a seismic shift in the industry. More and more people have been gravitating towards the EV segment for reasons that cannot be ignored. Genesis of Highland Park in Highland Park, IL, has come up with a blog that discusses the advantages of buying an electric vehicle. Read more to understand the multiple benefits of switching to EVs, and head to our dealership to find your favorite Genesis EV.  

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2022 G70 head-on exterior shot

Are Hyundai and Genesis the same company?

Hyundai & Genesis: Made by the Same Company?

Here at Genesis of Highland Park, IL, we get a lot of questions about Genesis models and Genesis as a brand. When people see how nice a Genesis vehicle is, they want to know more about where it comes from. They are usually surprised to learn that Genesis vehicles share a common lineage with Hyundai. And when someone hears Hyundai, the first question they tend to ask is, “Wait, are Genesis vehicle and Hyundai models the same?” The answer is a bit complicated.

Today, we’ll talk about whether Hyundai and Genesis are the same company.

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