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How to Extend Battery Life of EVs?

4 Tips to Extend Battery Life of EVs You Must Know

If you love electric vehicles, you will be delighted to know that electric cars need much less maintenance than internal combustion ones. But the owners must be aware of certain maintenance practices. Keep reading this blog by Genesis of Highland Park to learn more about the tips for how to extend the battery life of EVs.

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Avoid Discharging the Battery to Deficient Levels  

It is always advisable not to frequently discharge the EV battery to very low levels and not to go below 20% daily. In other words, don’t use the full range of the vehicle if it’s not necessary (if there is an opportunity to recharge).  

Avoid Prolonged Periods of Rapid Acceleration.  

Do not hammer them too hard or for too long. Excessive acceleration causes surge discharge currents and gradually heats the battery cells.  

A person charging his EV

Park Your Vehicle under a Shade  

Extended periods in a parking lot? It would be prudent to seek shade or, even better, a charging point in the shade. That is for the summer; we could think of something else in the winter. To avoid wasting energy from the battery while driving later, pre-heat the car with mains electricity.  

Lower Your Maximum Charging Limit  

At least in some Hyundai models, the maximum state-of-charge can be configured separately for DC and AC charging. The owner can set the maximum to 80% to avoid exposing the battery to high charging levels when unnecessary.  While AC charging is typically low-power (a few to 11 kW), DC fast charging can be pretty high.  If the full range is not required daily, charge only 80-90 percent of EVs.

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