Two Genesis GV70 at rest

Why Are More People Gravitating toward the Electric Vehicle Segment of the Automotive Industry? 

What Are the Advantages of Buying an Electric Vehicle? 

If you have been following the trends of the automotive industry closely, you’d know by now that electric vehicles have caused a seismic shift in the industry. More and more people have been gravitating towards the EV segment for reasons that cannot be ignored. Genesis of Highland Park in Highland Park, IL, has come up with a blog that discusses the advantages of buying an electric vehicle. Read more to understand the multiple benefits of switching to EVs, and head to our dealership to find your favorite Genesis EV.  

Electric Vehicles Offer Great Value in the Long Run  

Exterior of the Genesis GV70
The Genesis GV70 under a bridge

The cost of an EV isn’t much different from any normal SUV or sedan that runs on gas. However, maintaining the vehicle, in the long run, is quite cheap and comes with great returns. You get to enjoy outstanding fuel economy and a lower cost of electricity. Cut to the chase, there is an EV tailored for everyone.   

Electric Vehicles are Eco-Friendly  

Since the driving force of electric vehicles is electricity, these cars have zero tailpipe emissions. Therefore, driving an EV is not just fancy but also an incredibly thoughtful and environmentally friendly option.  

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Electric Vehicles Offer Quiet and Seamless Rides  

Electric vehicles offer an exceptionally quiet ride which enhances your driving experience. The quiet cabin adds to your comfort and helps you focus on the journey ahead without hassle or distraction. Plus, the instant torque of these vehicles packs a lot of punch and provides you with all the power you need.   

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Head to our dealership to find out more about the EVs in our inventory and schedule a test drive at your convenience. You may also want to apply for financing to ease your purchase and sign up for a more enjoyable automotive experience.